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The Squab HQ is an entirely story-driven collectibles series, and each step of The Squab HQ storyline was carefully integrated in to the mechanics of our digital collection.

As the story unfolded, so did your ability to engage with the brand.

Do not worry if you missed out on those early functions, there is plenty more to come and collecting all the departments at The Squab HQ will give you access in to new airdrops and much more along the way!

The collections

The Squab HQ Chimera Corp

Chapter 1 - Spy Pidgies Yob Squab

The phones were off the hook, departments overlapped as paper flew swiftly across the room. “The chief is on the line” Agent Smith croaked. The office settled as they eagerly awaited the news. “We’re forming a new department… a department of pidgies?” Smith informed his co-workers in complete disbelief. A roll call began, pidgies flocked from all over the city to help fight crime. “They look a bit daft don’t they” one agent quietly uttered to another. “Well, what did the chief expect?” The office door clawed itself open as the outside corner tore away at the carpet beneath it. A broad character hunched himself over as he made his way in through the doorway. Holding his fedora with one hand, his moustache brushed against the frosted window of the door. “It’s… the chief” word began to pass through the office as the agents voices rose. “Quiet down!” the chief broadcasted, “Crime is rising, and you old timers aren’t keeping up with the pace of technology. That is why we are forming a new department here at the FBI, a department of biological drones, the finest the city have to offer”. “The Squab HQ” he announced. Just when the Agents at the FBI didn’t think it could get any worse, a small, slightly less broad pidgie peered over the chief’s shoulder, his moustache and spectacle braising under the tungsten lights. “This is Reginald. My prized possession, and he’ll lead The Squab HQ department in our mission to fight crime alongside the Spy Pidgies Yob Squab or SPYS so I call them!”...

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