The Generative Collections

  • SPYS  


    The Spy Pidgies Yob Squab, this is where the generative collectible series began. As The Pidgies were hired at The Squab HQ they took on this role to help fight crime.

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  • PLANT  


    The Pidgies League Alliance Network Taskforce, as time went on, the FBI could no longer fund the many SPYS at The Squab HQ so the PLANT was created.

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  • RATS  


    The Ratties Agent Trail Surveillance; The thing about the RATS is that they’re not really agents and they don’t officially work for The Squab HQ, their only mission is to stop PLANT.

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The Pidgies Prequel

Prior to working as undercover agents The Pidgies were artists inspired by pop culture. Some of the Pidgies still remain as artists, having refused to participate in the Spy Pidgies Yob Squab.

The term ‘Yob Squab’ came around to insult the Pidgies for their artistic lifestyle. Although The SPYS wear their title with pride, they are valued now. So they provide their services to the government, no questions asked.

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The Squab HQ Collection

  • The Squab HQ: Pidgies

  • The Squab HQ: SPYS

  • The Squab HQ: PLANT

  • The Squab HQ: RATS

  • The Squab HQ: Chimera Corp

The Squab HQ can be broken down in to five collections.

The first being, the 1/1 edition Pidgies collection. This is where the collection began. 24 hours, 0.1eth reserve auctions, making you an OG ranking collector!

The Pidgies

The second collection and the beginning of The Squab HQ is the Spy Pidgies Yob Squab, ~6k generative 1/1 tokens

Spy Pidgies Yob Squab

The third collection is the Pidgies League Alliance Network Taskforce. ~800 generative 1/1 tokens only obtainable through the SPYS collection.

Pidgies League Alliance Network Taskforce

Fourth we have the Ratties Agent Trail Surveillance. The most limited of the entire generative collection, ~200 generative 1/1 tokens.

Collectors of specified primary Chimera Corp edition is entitled to a free 1/1 RATS token airdrop. (Limited to supply).

Ratties Agent Trail Surveillance

Finally, we have the Chimera Corp, an ongoing artwork edition collection featuring everything you know and love from The Squab HQ universe!

Chimera Corp