Terms of use and ownership of your Non-Fungible Token

- Terms of use
The commercial use license terms are entered between The Squab HQ LTD and the holder of a non-fungible token created within The Squab HQ intellectual property item list.

// including; Pidgies, SPYS, PLANT, RATS and other collectibles.

- Ownership

The ownership to the commercial use license is limited to the non-fungible token held by the holder of the token.

The Squab HQ LTD has complete ownership of all trademarked brand identity including names, logos and other perpetual images that represent The Squab HQ LTD brand.

- Commercial Use License

The intellectual property license that allows types of commercial use of such intellectual property gives holders exclusive, perpetual, non-sublicensable, royalty free, world wide ownership of the non-fungible token held.

// Such as content for commercial or business use.

Non-Fungible Tokens