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Who Is The Squab HQ And What Is Their Mission?

The Squab HQ is an undercover government agency sent to spy on humans seeking decentralisation through new technology, or so we thought. A better question would be, who is Chimera Corp?

The evidence

How To Become An Agent At The Squab HQ

  • 1. Collect a non-fungible token

  • 2. Update your profile picture

  • 3. Share with your frens

  • 4. Become a cartoon vermin

You can purchase The Squab HQ non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum mainnet network using any non-fungible token trading platform.


Now it’s time to set your new non-fungible token as your profile image on your favourite social media platforms, this helps us keep an eye out at all times.

Spy on us

The greatest agents work as part of a team. Friendship is the best way to build a team that is full of trust and support. Get involved with the community today!


By now you have played your part in our plan for world domination, there’s no going back, you’re an accomplice. You might as well get comfy and read what we’re about just one more time, Agent.

The Squab Story